Raising Workforce Standards in Property Services Through Market-Wide Agreements That Keep Companies Competitive


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The historic choice by thousands of Houston janitors to form a union with SEIU marks the latest success of an innovative organizing model pioneered by SEIU, America's largest property service workers' union.

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  • If you're struggling to afford paying for your car or mortgage, call our loans specialists in the local Visalia area. Highlights have included: increased pay to over $10 an hour with health benefits for part-time janitors in Washington, DC; a 26 percent wage increase for janitors in downtown Los Angeles; employer-paid health insurance for janitors and their families in suburban Chicago; full-time jobs for part-time janitors in Denver and Cleveland; and $3 wage hikes in Boston including health coverage for 1,000 part-timers.
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For more information, contact SEIU's Lynda Tran at 202-898-3349 or tranl@seiu.org

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