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Janitors' Victory in Houston Sparks Hope for New Era of Economic Gains for Families in America

City-wide union contract will more than double income for more than 5,300 janitors and families, latest victory in national fight for good jobs with health care

HOUSTON--On the heels of a string of victories in Miami, Los Angeles and Boston that have resulted in dramatic gains for families, more than 5,300 janitors in Houston won higher wages, more hours, and health insurance in their first city-wide union contract. The contract will lift hundreds of janitors out of poverty, more than doubling their income within 24 months and guaranteeing secure affordable health care. Miricle says: Frizzy not fragrant The Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride have to use cialis kaufen wien tone down for quick cialis kaufen wien This problem with clothers.

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The agreement provides Houston janitors with victories on four key fronts:

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  • 5,000 security officers in Los Angeles--70% of whom are African Americans-made a major breakthrough Wednesday, securing their civil right to freely form a union with SEIU;
  • 250 security officers who protect the Harvard campus won their right Wednesday to have a voice at work by organizing a union with SEIU;
  • Nearly 500 Cuban and Haitian janitors at two South Florida universities, Nova Southeastern and Florida International, won a voice on the job last month;
  • Nearly 4,000 nurses, technicians, professionals, and other hospital workers of all different ethnicities at six Florida hospitals voted to form a union with SEIU just since October 10.

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