Monday, October 23, 2006

Lynda Tran        

Janitors Walk Off the Job Over Cleaning Firms' Civil Rights Abuses, Failure to Bargain in Good Faith

Janitors seeking the American Dream kick-off strike with rally and march through downtown Houston

Houston -- The first wave of an historic strike that could escalate strategically in the coming days began today as hundreds of local janitors put down their brooms and picked up picket signs to defend their civil rights and to protest the failure to bargain in good faith by five large national cleaning companies. The assertion that Cialis can be indicated only for treatment of serious erectile dysfunction is not true. Piracetam nootropil has been buy cialis for daily use to significantly .

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Janitors who work the night shift at prominent downtown buildings including the CenterPoint Energy, Wells Fargo Plaza/Dynegy, and 1100 Louisiana buildings, walked off the job and joined their co-workers at 1100 Louisiana before marching to "strike boot camp" where they would break into teams to review skills and procedures they will use during the strike. If you search for Generic Cialis on the Internet you definitely will find many different options at one time.

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In other cities across the country, including Miami earlier this year, Boston in 2002, and Los Angeles and Chicago in 2000, janitors and their allies have led strike-related activities including massive public marches in public parks and down sidewalks and city streets, picket lines outside major office buildings, prayer vigils, hunger fasts, and other forms of non-violent protest.

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