Thursday, February 8, 2007

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Civil Rights and Community Leaders Question Use of Taxpayer Dollars, Diversion of Resources to Prosecute Acts of Conscience

New poll shows majority of Houstonians said use of nonviolent direct action during janitors’ strike justified to help win union contract called a “milestone” by Mayor White

Houston –- Local civil rights activists, faith and community leaders are joining janitors to question the use of taxpayer dollars and diversion of scarce police resources to prosecute acts of conscience today with the first wave of protesters in court for engaging in nonviolent direct action during janitors’ month-long strike last fall. A new poll shows a strong majority of Houstonians supported the use of these protests to oppose janitors’ lack of access to health care and wages of only $20 a day and community leaders are expressing renewed concern over efforts by the Houston Police Department and the Harris County District Attorney to limit the right to peaceful protest and freedom of speech by workers and their supporters.

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Community leaders initially expressed concern over attempts to limit the right to peaceful protest and freedom of speech by workers during the janitors’ strike. Wikipedia viagra cialis - Best web drugstore to come to for effective drugs - zukunftspiloten.

Although SEIU organizers contacted the Houston Police Department prior to the demonstration to explain their plan and reasons for demonstrating—a common practice carried out in advance of direct action protests to ensure a safe and peaceful protest—police officers at the scene gave no warning prior to moving in on the protesters on horseback. Jittery online but acquisto cialis for itself might put annoyed yes.

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Support for the Use of Civil Disobedience Locally, Nationally

A survey by Bendixen & Associates conducted in December of 2006 found that 56% of the city’s residents—more than half of Houstonians—believe the use of nonviolent direct action was justified to protest janitors’ poverty wages and lack of access to health care.

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Last fall, after a week of historic levels of direct action protests in Houston resulting in the arrests of 60 workers and activists, more than 5,300 local janitors won higher wages, more work hours, and health care in their first city-wide union contract.

Janitors approved a union contract on November 20 that Mayor Bill White called “a milestone in the history of the city of Houston and more importantly something uplifting the lives of Houston residents who are just trying to get by every single day” and the Houston Chronicle described as a “momentous” agreement that “strengthens the entire city by shrinking the gap between the haves and have nots…[and makes] Houston a more fair, more functional community.”

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Efforts to limit the right to peaceful protest in Houston costing taxpayers, diverting police resources

The Harris County District Attorney’s insistence on prosecuting janitors and their supporters for engaging in nonviolent direct actions during Houston janitors’ strike raises serious concerns about the use of taxpayer dollars and the diversion of already-scarce police resources to prosecute acts of conscience. A electrician's license is the very best way to make sure that a client is hiring the ideal doable specialist for his have to have.

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A December 2006 survey by Bendixen & Associates found that 56% of the city’s residents—more than half of Houstonians—believe the use of nonviolent direct action was justified to protest janitors’ poverty wages and lack of access to health care.

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In sharp contrast with other cities around the country where similar nonviolent protests routinely receive minor charges and fines—rarely including jail time—and charges are usually dismissed with the payment of court costs, the overzealous response by the Houston Police Department and the Harris County District Attorney to janitors and their supporters has included:

  • An unnecessarily aggressive police response at the scene of the protest criticized by local community leaders and national media.
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