Thursday, October 26, 2006

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With polls showing majority of Americans dissatisfied with direction of the country…

As Chevron Profits Shatter a 127 Year Record,
Alternate Earnings Report Shows Real Cost of “Spoils of Oil” for Americans

Growing strike by 1,700 janitors shining national spotlight on Houston as corporations failing to do right by families living in poverty

HOUSTON—As Chevron Corps (CVX) third quarter profits soared to $5 billion, the strike by 5,300 Houston janitors has intensified and could spread to buildings in other cities as earlier as next week.  SEIU, Spoils of Oil: The High Cost of Chevron’s Record Earnings,” an alternative earnings report to spotlight Houston’s extremes of wealth and poverty and the debate over big corporations’ responsibility for workers like Call our loan specialists today for more information., a striking janitor without health insurance who is battling breast cancer.

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